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We are committed to our clients, employees and business partners. We seek to ensure our employees’ safety and rights, as well as increase the productivity and transparency of our work and its ecological aspects.Our main raw material – wood – is a renewable, biodegradable resource which meets the highest standards for performance and is environmentally friendly and efficient. Our main and proprietary work is carried out in the plant of EcoPrefab where residues of raw materials are responsibly recycled and reused.

All building materials used by EcoPrefab comply with the strictest EUROPEAN UNION requirements and environmental standards. Realizing projects with these types of materials is beneficial for the health and well-being of the private homeowner, his family and also our employees.Every detail is carefully conceived and planned to ensure top-notch quality. Our experienced craftsmen and specialists coordinate the project and construction. This ensures a sustainable, leak-proof and healthy final result.

The customer with the assistance and recommendations of our specialists will decide to what degree energy-saving measures are implemented. This is determined by not only the chosen amount of insulation but also the quality work performed by our staff.Detailed measurements are carried out to identify the main operational parameters of partitions, and special equipment is used for the detection of the building tightness, prepared according to the LST EN 13829:2002. Qualified experts will present an objective assessment of the heat-insulating properties of the building partitions. We were the first company to build a healthy passive residential house in Lithuania and want to help you build yours.

Price Transparency Our Strengh

This Price Table is a useful guide to the cost of construction for a variety of building types including, houses, townhouses, residential apartments, office blocks, industrial warehouses, supermarkets, shopping centers, hotels, and motels. These prices are for basic bundle.

Prefab Wall
per square meter
21mm horizontal painted pine/fir siding
45x28mm lath for airgap, trated
12.5mm Moisture-resistant gypsum
45x195mm construction wood
200mm insulation ISOVER
0.2mm polyethylene membrane
45x45mm lath for comunication
Prefab Floor
per square meter
21mm Impregnated Chipboard
45x245mmConstruction wood
250mm Insulation ISOVER
45x45mm Lath
Prefab Roof
per square meter
45x45mm lath for roofing, treated
45x28mm lath for airgap, trated
SIGA Majcoat diffusion membrane
45x290mm wood for rafters
300mm insulation ISOVER
15mm chipboard
45x45mm lath for ceiling